Missing those old summer days at the pool? We’ve got you covered!

Join us at Starclaire Recreation Club! We’re a vibrant recreation club quietly nestled on 12 beautiful acres in the historic Starmount neighborhood. And, we’re becoming an access-point to the ever expanding Little Sugar Creek Greenway ! With a complete renovation in 2019-2020 we’ve  developed our club with you and your family in mind.

In addition to summer operations, we also offer year-round activities. The summer features pool oriented programming.  The fall, winter and spring seasons are times when members can enjoy continued club comradery via Palm Tree Lounge Socials, Holiday Events, Panthers Game Day Tailgating, Beach Volleyball…And More! 

New facilities, expanded operating hours and year-round recreational opportunities have made Starclaire one of the best recreational opportunities in town.  Oh – and did we mention there’s currently no wait-list?! Check out our memberships page to learn more!

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We’ve mentioned a Renovation Several Times- What Exactly is Going On?!

Starclaire Recreation Club was originally established in 1961 (click here for more on our history). As you can imagine, 60 years of summer-fun can do a lot to a pool. Starclaire was at a crossroads, and unfortunately it became a situation to close or sell for survival. Luckily, we were purchased by a group wanting to preserve Starclaire Recreation Club. 

Our renovations have included taking a defunct baby pool, tearing it apart and building a completely new one – with a beach entry and water features for your little ones. We added shade structures and on deck dining areas. The Main pool features a reconfigured pool with an expanded deep end, steps along one entire side of pool (kiddie pool side), a slide, permanent volleyball area (for our weekend volleyball crew), starting blocks and a new racing course for our swim team, and an entirely new filtration, pool surface, tile line and deck. The clubhouse was gutted, we’re getting completely new restrooms and a wider, easier access  entryway (can we get a heck-yes from the moms and dads with strollers?!). The Palm Tree Lounge was gutted and we’ve added a new Family Restroom, You’ll have to come check it out for yourself to see the rest! Check out our Memberships Page to join in on the fun! 







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