Starclaire Recreation Club

Starclaire Park Club Inc. has operated as a non-profit Swim and Tennis Club since 1961. Due to the natural aging of the community and our inability to financially invest in the facility in the past, the facilities have deteriorated and membership has declined. Membership is drawn from the surrounding neighborhoods, which have recently begun to be revitalized, creating an “up and coming” area that is attracting young families and professionals. Starclaire is the only Swim and Tennis Club in the area. Due to its location and potential membership base, this creates a unique investment opportunity to upgrade the facilities and return Starclaire to a thriving community asset.

A Private Equity Group out of Atlanta, GA emerged as a viable partner to achieve this goal as they expressed interest in the property and presented a plan to the Board of Directors and Membership that proved they have the resources and expertise to restore the club.

The new owner of Starclaire Park Club Inc. property is Starclaire Recreation Partners LLC (SRP). SRP is an ownership group comprised of an investment group from Atlanta and a local investment group from Charlotte, which will serve as the managing partner and provide local leadership.

  • The property will always be operated as recreation club due to zoning restrictions
  • While the swimming facility has been the pillar of the club in recent years, there is also the intention to develop the site in a manner that will allow for year-round recreational opportunities
  • The swimming season and hours of operation will change for the better in 2019 and expand in the future as membership use and needs grow. See the attached 2019 Pool Schedule
  • The property will be upgraded in a phased manner:
      – Phase I
      – Beach Entry Kiddie Pool – completed by June 29th, 2019
      – New Fence around pools – completed by June 1st, 2019
      – Covered Patio Area – some renovations will happen this season.
      – Playground will be cleaned up and repainted
      – Phase II (prior to 2020 season)
      – Main Pool will be reconfigured to allow for more functional use
      – Install new skimmers, coping, tile and pool surface
      – Renovated pool deck
      – Shade Structures will be added to the pool deck
      – Filtration system will be upgraded
      – Pool house will receive a face lift
  • Other (TBD as allowed)
      – Tennis courts will be rehabilitated
      – Beach Volleyball court rehabilitated

The Club will be owned and operated by Starclaire Recreation Partners LLC. They will hire a local Club Manager to oversee membership and daily operations. They will contract with local vendors to provide pool management services, landscaping and other operational needs. The Club will be run as a privately-owned recreation club.


Current Members in good standing by May 10th 2019:

Dues for the 2019 season will remain the same as 2018 for current members who pay their dues in full by May 10th 2019. Dues for 2019 were due by February 28, 2019, those paying after this date owe current dues plus 15% surcharge through May 10th 2019. After this date, dues will be the new member rate.


New Members:

Dues for new members and current members paying after May 10th, 2019:

Full Family:$550 for 2019 season
Couples / Singles:$480 for 2019 season
Seniors (65 & Older):$350.00 for 2019 season
Initiation Fee:$1,250 may be split over 3 years


All Members:

Dues for new members and current members paying after May 10th, 2019:

Full Family:$650
Couples / Singles:$550
Seniors (65 & Older):$400
Initiation Fee:$1,500 may be split over 2 years

Current Members from 2018 Season: $750 may be split over 2 years