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Rules & Regulations


1. Each member of the family 14 and over will receive a key tag and will be required to log in at the check-in counter with the Lifeguard on duty or pool management before entering the pool area.


2. Membership tags must be accessible at all times when on club property. Pool Management and or Lifeguards have the right to ask for and verify identification of any person using the club’s facilities.

3. Tags shall not be shared. If a tag is lost or stolen a lost tag form must be submitted with application fees. (First tag – free, subsequent tags shall cost $8.00. Replacement tags shall be marked as a duplicate).


4. Guests must register WITH Host Member upon arrival via membership software and pay guest fee (see guest fee & pool party information). 

  • Guests may only use the facility when the Host Member is with them.


  • Guests are limited to 2 pool uses per month.

  • A family is limited to bringing no more than 5 guests per allotted visit. 

5. Members who  resigned are not allowed as guests for 2 years (i.e. if you resign in 2021, you are not allowed back until summer 2023), unless they have moved and can verify they no longer live in the city.

6. The Pool Management Company has the right and responsibility to close the pool or change operating hours at its discretion (i.e. weather, fecal incident, chemical or mechanical issue, etc.).

7. This is a smoke free facility.  Smoking of any type is prohibited within the pool area and entrance, playground, tennis courts or picnic area. 

8. NO GLASS. Glass or other breakable objects are NOT permitted within the poolhouse, restrooms, Palm Tree Lounge (snackbar area), pool and pool deck. In compliance with the Health Department, broken glass anywhere on the pool deck requires drainage and cleaning of the pool. The person(s) responsible will incur cost to drain, clean and refill the pool.

9. Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC. requires that children under the age of 14 be accompanied by an adult while at the pool. An adult is defined as someone who is 18 years or older and is the parent or legal guardian, relative or caregiver. Unsupervised children will be required to leave the pool area (see Caregivers Section).

10. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated and are grounds for expulsion from the pool. An incident report will be created and sent to Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC. for review. The Partners may at their discretion, schedule a hearing to determine if a suspension of the Member’s privileges is warranted. 

11. Children in diapers must wear rubber pants over swim diapers – no exceptions. If a fecal accident occurs, the Pool Management must be notified immediately so they can appropriately address the incident and ensure the water is treated properly.

12. All non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult who can swim at all times.  Supervising adults must remain in the water within arm’s reach of a non-swimmer. All non-swimmers MUST wear U.S. Coast Guard Approved Flotation Device while in the water.

13. Diving Well Rules: 

  • Diving is allowed from the side of the pool into the 10’ areas of water.

  • Swim Team Starting Blocks may only be used when under the supervision of a swim team coach or instructor. 

  • Non-Swimmers are not allowed in the Diving Well area.

14. Slide Rules: 

  • Lifeguards will monitor and enforce Slide Rules

  • Sliders must remain at the bottom of the slide until the person before them enters the water.

  • Only one person allowed on the slide at a time.

  • Always slide feet first and on your back side (sitting or lying down).

  • Upon entering the water, the slider must immediately exit the splash down zone.

  • Children must be able to swim in order to go down the slide. (the lifeguard can give child swim test if needed) 

  •  No flotation devices (life vest, floaties, inner tube, noodle, etc.) may be worn or used on the slide.

  •  No goggles, snorkels, fins, hats, sunglasses, etc. may be worn down the slide.

  •  No one (parent, sibling, etc.) may wait in the water at the bottom of the slide for the child to exit. You child must be able to exit the designated drop area alone to be able use the slide.

15. Once every hour the pool will be cleared for a period of ten minutes for a designated “Safety Break”.  During this break, lifeguards will not be on duty, the pool will be closed to swimmers under the age of 16, and neither the lifeguards nor the Company shall be responsible for people using the pool during said break. Parents who wish to accompany their children, under the age of two (2), into the main pool during “Safety Break” may do so with the understanding that NO LIFEGUARDS will be in the stand monitoring the pool at this time. 

16. The Tiny Palm Pool (wading pool) is not to be used as a play area during “Safety  Break” for children over the age of 6. 

17. Permitted flotation devices throughout the pool area include: noodles, U.S. Coast Guard Approved Flotation Device  (as recommended by the Pool Company) or swim vests and kick boards 18” or smaller. Other flotation devices are strictly prohibited, except during approved club events. 

18. Appropriate swim attire is to be worn on pool grounds. This is a family environment, no cutoffs or thongs permitted. No “mermaid” tails are allowed in or around the pool area. 

19. No hanging on lifelines, buoys, or lane markers.

20. Members and guests are not to engage in social conversation with lifeguards while they are on duty. (This is a distraction and can affect the safety of all persons using the pool)

21. No person with skin, eye, ear, nasal infections or open sores are allowed in the pool area. 

22. Persons entering the pool after closing are trespassing and are subject to arrest and prosecution. 

23. A shower is required before entering the pool. Parents, please remind children to use the toilet facilities when necessary.

24. NO pets will be allowed with the exception of appropriately identified and documented service animals that must be accompanied by their handlers. (See rule #12 in Facilities Section)

25. Food and drink may not be taken into the pool, but can be consumed at dining tables on deck and under the snackbar (Palm Tree Lounge) area. Chewing gum will not be permitted while in the swimming pool. All trash must be placed in the proper receptacles.

26. Towels and clothing left around the pool and in the clubhouse will be placed into a lost and found bin. Lost and found items will be discarded each week, on Wednesday, when the pool closes.

27. For safety reasons, the following can’t be permitted while in the pool area: spitting, horseplay, pushing, dunking, wrestling, etc.

28. Soft pool balls are permitted for use in the pool during low pool use times. Volleyballs are permitted for the purpose of playing water volleyball in the designated area.



1. There is no Lifeguard supervision in this area.

2.Children age 6 and under are permitted to play in the Tiny Palm Pool (wading pool). 

3.Children must be supervised at ALL times while in The Tiny Palm Pool (wading pool) area.  Guardians of non swimmers must remain within arms reach of your child.  

4.Children in diapers must wear rubber pants over swim diapers – no exceptions. If a fecal accident occurs, the Pool Management must be notified immediately so they can appropriately address the incident and ensure the water is treated properly.



1. Persons (who are not members) intending to bring a child, other than their own, to the pool on a regular basis are required to have caregiver information added to the membership software, and must be paid for in advance.. The sole purpose of this information is to verify that the parent is aware and approves that their child is at the Starclaire Recreation Club pool. 

2. Caregivers are not to leave children unattended at the pool. All children under their care must leave the pool at the same time that the caregiver does. 

3. A Caregiver must be 18 years or older to bring children into the pool area. 

4. Non-member caregivers may only be at the pool if the parents or legal guardians are not present or have paid a guest fee and are with the host family.

5. The maximum number of children per caregiver may not exceed 3. 



1. Nights of home swim meets the pool will close at 5:30 p.m. There will be NO open swimming during or after swim meets. 

2. Only those authorized shall be allowed in the pool area before and during swim team events. 

3. Swim Team may practice during open hours. Swimming will be allowed only in the areas assigned by club management during            Swim Team practice. Any harassment or interference of Swim Team practice may result in the loss of pool privileges for the rest of      the day. 



1. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the club property at any time except during youth events where league by-laws prevent        the use of alcohol (State law prohibits the use of alcoholic beverages by any persons under the age of 21). Anyone abusing these          rules will be asked to leave the premises and/or the police will be called. 

2. All alcoholic beverages must be in a plastic cup or in a koozie.  THERE IS NO GLASS ALLOWED WITHIN THE SWIMMING FACILITY.

3. The Club Management reserves the right to ask anyone who is considered unruly, intoxicated or otherwise misbehaving to leave the      premises. If the person refuses to leave the premises when requested, the Police will be called. In the event someone is asked to          leave the premises, an incident report will be created and sent to the Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC. The Partners, at their              discretion, may schedule a hearing to determine if a suspension of the member’s privileges is warranted. 

4. Lounges, chairs and tables are available on a first come, first serve basis. No outside furniture will be allowed. Pool furniture shall       not be permitted to leave the pool facility or allowed in the pool. 

5. The club phone is intended as a privilege for our members. It is not to be abused or used for social calls. Please limit all calls to one      minute. The club’s management may revoke the phone privilege for incoming or outgoing calls due to misuse. 

6. Dues that cannot be processed due to insufficient funds shall result in suspension of club privileges until paid in full. A $50.00                returned check fee shall apply.

7. All bicycles must be parked in the bike area.

8. Motorized vehicle riding is NOT permitted anywhere on the club property, except to enter and leave the facility.

9. Skateboards, rollerblades, shoes with wheels and bikes are NOT permitted in the pool area at any time or on the sidewalks during        normal pool hours and special functions.

10. Members and guests shall drive slowly while in the parking lot and park their cars properly between the marked lines in the                  parking area.


11. Pet owners shall be responsible for all pets on club grounds. This shall include but is not limited to picking up after them while              they are on club property. (See rule #23 in Basic Pool Rules Section).


Infraction of any of these rules may result in assignment to penalty area or expulsion by lifeguards on duty or by club management. Continued failure to comply with these rules may result in suspension of club privileges by Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC.

Disciplinary actions for infraction of pool rules:

  • Lifeguards as well as Pool Management may suspend all privileges for up to (1) day.

  • Pool Management must approve suspension of all privileges for up to (3) days.

  • Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC. must approve suspension of all privileges over (3) days.

Members are responsible for their guests. The cost of any property damage or expenses incurred through violation of the operating rules by a member or member of his/her household, or his/her guest, will be charged to the member responsible. Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC.  will determine what action to take against those that will not assume responsibility for said damages or expenses. The club can’t be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. 

Members must always be considerate of fellow members and conduct themselves accordingly. Any conduct by a member deemed inappropriate, abusive, and/or prejudicial as to the purpose and/or best interest of the corporation or any of its members or guests that is brought before Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC. will be heard and discussed by the Partners in closed session.


Starclaire Recreation Partners, LLC., at its sole discretion, will determine the appropriate action to be taken, and can change any rules at any times. Said action will be conveyed to each affected party upon final determination of the Board.

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