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Swim Lessons

Let's Swim!

The goal of our swim lessons is to teach participants to be safe when they are in, on, and around the water. Children are encouraged to try new skills, but they are never forced to complete tasks they are not ready to do. We believe that with patience, positive encouragement and frequent repetition of skills, your child will have a happy and successful swimming experience.

Class Descriptions

If you're unsure of which class to choose, please reach out.


For children who cannot swim at all. This class emphasizes water orientation, basic water safety and developing a comfort level with the water in preparation for beginning to swim. Some skills they will work on are to put face in water, blow bubbles and getting comfortable.

Advanced Beginner

Advanced Beginner - For children who are comfortable in the water, can float with some assistance, and are ready to learn the basic skills for moving forward in the water. They can swim at least 3 feet with assistance and have started putting their face in the water.


For children who can swim 3 to 10 feet without assistance. Students learn to recover for a breath while swimming, to float without support and recover to a vertical position. This level marks the beginning of extending the distance that a child is able swim.


Advanced - This is for children who are comfortable in the water and are ready to learn and perfect strokes and proper breathing with strokes..

Due to the requests coming in, we have made all options a four (4) lesson bundle! So each session will consist of four (4) individual lessons for your child.  Also, it is now possible to sign-up for more than one class at a time. We do still want to limit the registration to one (1) child per Private Lesson and two (2) per Semi Private lesson.  

After clicking Register Here below, you will be taken to the registration form. On the form, fill in your personal information and choose your membership status and the type of class you prefer - Private or Semi-Private. Next you will choose the number of sessions you want to register for at this time. We give you the option of registering for up to five (5) sessions at once. Just remember, each session consists of four (4) individual lessons. Please let us know if you have any questions!

Member Pricing
Private:  $150 for four (4) 30 minute lessons

Semi-Private (Two swimmers per lesson): $200 for four (4) 30 minute lessons

Non-Member Rates

Private:  $240 for four (4) 30 minute lessons

Semi-Private (Two swimmers per lesson): $380 for four (4) 30 minute lessons

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